Invited Talks

Supporting the Local Music Community

THATCamp Unconference at Ithaca COllege

March 2014


Google, Netflix, Pandora: How to Build Your Own Recommender System

Science Talks at Ithaca High School, Sept 2014

“Conversations with a Scientist” at Dryden High School, April 2013

slides :: audio

Growing Local Music

Conference talk at TEDxIthaca College

March 2014

video :: slides

Constructive Music Information Retrieval

Invited talk that the 2013 NIPS workshop on Constructive Machine Learning

Decemeber 2013

www :: slides

Semantic Music Discovery Engine

Seminar Talk given at Cornell, Georgia Tech, McGill, and Ithaca Ignite (short version)

January 2010 through November 2010

Combining Audio Content and Social Context to Improve Music Discovery

Seminar Talk given at Yahoo! Research, Stanford CCRMA, Drexel, EchoNest, UPenn, Williams, and Columbia

May 2009 through December 2009


Discover the Music You Want: Building a Semantic Music Discovery Engine

Seminar talk given at UC San Diego (Thesis Defense), Google NYC, and Columbia

May 2008 through January 2008

video :: slides

Designing a Content-based Music Search Engine

Seminar talk given at CMU, IRCAM (France), University of Bath (UK), University of London - Queen Mary (UK), UC San Diego, Princeton, Drexel, Columbia, Microsoft Research, Indiana University, RIT, and Swarthmore

June 2007 through March 2008

video :: slides

Finding Music with Words

Southern California Computing in Music Symposium (SCCiM '07)

University of Southern California

February 17, 2007